What Is Le Gestionnaire?

  • A project management software and a real-time cost management software that can be used with Avantage and Dynacom accounting software
  • A satellite software; project managers can provide different data remotely
  • A multi-project software that allows the creation of unlimited projects

General Functions

  • Creation of multiple projects and budgets
  • Schedule for projects
  • Issue of purchase orders
  • Inscription of labour time by activity
  • Flexible search tool of lists of activities
  • Permissions by groups of user-profiles
  • Backup and recovery of projects
  • Track of transactions by project
  • Percentage of after-deadline achievement

Le Gestionnaire is available in French or in English. 


The Software, in brief...

To know more about every possibility our software Le Gestionnaire allows you to do, click on the PDF below (French only).   



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